Before 60s, there were no such activities which we now know as Garhwali theatre. Yes there were some Garhwali acts going on in the name of theatre — most of them were Ram Lila and some time One-Act plays staged in community halls.

When Parashar came to Delhi he saw that nothing much was happening in the field of theatre no body was taking interest to promote their culture. One organization named Sahitya Kala Samaj, based in Sarojini Nagar was doing this. Mr. Gaur then decided that he would work to promote Garhwali culture through various aspects such as writing and staging Garhwali plays, organizing cultural programs, writing poetry, arranging kavi samellans and so on. With the support of Mr. Dinesh Pahadi, Krishan Chand Chanpuriya (Non Garhwali) they formed a “Pushpanjali Rangshala” in the 1965 in a small room of Constitution Club New Delhi.

Under this banner for the first time Garhwalis witnessed a Full Length Natak/Drama in a theatre that sold tickets. On 28th Feb 1969 “Aunsi ki Raat” written by Parashar Gaur was staged at IIMA Hall. Also for the first time three ladies were introduced on stage. Mr. Gaur was in a leading role and Kr, Lila Negi became First Lady in Garhwali Drama as a heroin. (before men usually played women’s role in theatre) In 1962 “Junkhali Raat” written by Dinesh was staged again Parashar performed in the leading role. Later his name became a household name in Garhwali stage. Apart from his group the offers were flooding from other groups to participate and performed for them. Up to 1983, he performed more than 50 plays in Garhwali and Hindi as well.

A man of many parts, Mr. Gaur is an eminent figure on the Garhwali stage. He has established himself as a respected theatre playwright, actor, director and poet among Garhwalis. As an actor he acted in more than 50 plays. He was a very controversial actor then. The critics always gave him high marks for his performances and audience always enjoyed him on stage as an actor. Auansi ki Raat, Junkhyali Raat, Ardhgrameshar, Chooli, Adalat Chatee ke Ek raat, Badi Bawari, Natak Badh Kara, Nathulee, Khabesh, Dhar , Ghar Jawai, Kansanukaram and Timla Ka timla Khatya are some of the best known plays in which Mr. Parashar played memorable characters. In Dhar he played three different roles with his commendable acting on the stage in the same play.